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Less than 25 residents attend Gloria Hernandez's "big" event

January 13, 2018



EAGLE PASS, Maverick County, Texas -- If the outcome of this upcoming primary election was based purely on event attendance, one thing would be certain-- Gloria Hernandez would lose hands down. 


Earlier this week Enriqueta Hale, a local activist known for her outspoken and controversial nature, invited the community to "rally' against County Judge David Saucedo and former County Judge Rudy Bowles who's seeking the office again this year, and in turn support Gloria Hernandez who's also running for the top county seat. 


The event, which according to Hale was supposed to attract dozens if not hundreds of Maverick County residents "dissatisfied with the system" (sic), turned out to be weak and depressing at best. 


Less than 25 residents, the majority of them relatives and close friends of Hernandez, attended the political gathering held on the opposite corner of the county courthouse. 


Hernandez and Hale had setup dozens of folding chairs on Madison St. in anticipation of the event, but the community just wasn't interested. 


Less than seven weeks remain until early voting for this office is held. 

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