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Co. Judge candidate Rudy Bowles arrested for making death thteats

May 22, 2018



EAGLE PASS - An arrest warrant was issued against County Judge candidate and former EPISD school board trustee Rudy Bowles.

The warrant, which was signed by JP David Castañeda, was issued after Mr. Bowles allegedly made terroristic threats against County Democratic Chairman Luis Alfonso Ruiz late last week.

Charges were filed by Ruiz who said Mr. Bowles made hostile threats against his life and well-being. 

Texas Rangers and State Troopers executed the warrant but Mr. Bowles was not in his home when law enforcement officials arrived. Mr. Bowles turned himself in at around 7:45 PM at the Tom Bowles Detention Center. 

No significant details about the threats were immediately made available, but an official close to the case told EPTXN they were "death and kidnapping related involving a Mexican drug cartel".

Investigators also seem to have in their possession evidence of the threats, an apparent audio recording.

More as it becomes available.  




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