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Poll: 86 percent of Republican voters support vaccines


HOUSTON, Texas -- Nearly 90% of Texas Republican primary voters said they support the current laws that require school age children to be immunized to attend public school, and almost 80% believe laws requiring children to be vaccinated for school entry provide protection against contagious diseases, according to a recent poll commissioned by the Texas Public Health Coalition (TPHC). Additionally, 79% of Republican primary voters would support a potential law that would require schools to report the number of unvaccinated children enrolled in public school. This poll reminds us that when it comes to immunizations, support is universal and non-partisan.  


“2018 Texas Republican primary voters’ overwhelming support for school vaccination laws re-affirm that the vast majority of Texans support vaccines and believe that vaccines help protect against disease,” said Allison Winnike, president and CEO of The Immunization Partnership.


Recently, there have been futile attempts to interject politics into the public health discussion on vaccines.  These poll results show, yet again, that the excessive noise is coming from a very small group of people and does not reflect the views of most Texans. 


“Lawmakers in Austin, especially Republican lawmakers, should feel confident their constituents back home support pro-immunization laws and policies,” said Winnike.


The poll was conducted in early July, and results were recently released by TPHC.

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