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Maverick Co. Democratic Party Chair releases statement regarding recent local Republican gathering

August 24, 2018


EAGLE PASS - The Republicans of Maverick County held a political rally at the City of Eagle Pass Public Library on August 22, 2018. This is where the issue begins. 

The Maverick County Democratic Party is in shock and disbelief. We cannot believe that Judicial Candidates would be party to a possible ethical violation. 

People may bemoan and slander that they know more about the law but when it comes down to, in a court of law, it is the evidence that matters.

•The City of Eagle Pass DID NOT provide anyone paperwork of receipts of rental

•The City of Eagle Pass DID NOT provide anyone paperwork of City Manager waiver of fee

•The City of Eagle Pass DID NOT provide anyone paperwork of request for use of facilities

•The City of Eagle Pass DID NOT provide anyone paperwork which proved that the Republicans of Maverick County were a 501(c)3 to allow waiver of fee

•According to the City of Eagle Pass the Library Dept oversees requesting recreation centers including Multipurpose Center

Due to all this there is no paper trail to prove that the city did not provide a favor for or is participating in political partisanship. While this Party did request the Multipurpose Center for a Convention, which is part of the primary electoral process to elect delegates and vote on resolutions to the local and state platform, we paid a fee to use the facilities. The request to disclose information about fees, request to use facilities forms, waiver of fee forms or even a legal opinion have not been answered by the council, legal counsel or the city manager.

A non-partisan entity like the city could commit an act illegal to its own charter or worse the simple act of unethical conduct could stir impropriety within ANY candidate participating due to them being a willing party to the incident. 

Cannon 5(2) of the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct states that, “A judge or judicial candidate shall not authorize the public use of his or her name endorsing another candidate for any public office.” 

While it may not have been the intention of the group to headline a Senate District Candidate as well as Judicial Candidates it did seem like they were endorsing each other. 

Another troubling sign is that the candidates from this court are those candidates who have heard many issues from Maverick County and if discussed in this closed forum would be a breach of Canon 3B(10) of the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct.

The city also in its code of ordinances, Part I, Article 11, Sec. 15, “No appointed or hired employee on the payroll of the city shall make a contribution to the campaign fund of any persons seeking election to a city office or to any political party supporting a candidate for election to a city office.”

The city if the group did not pay made an in-kind contribution which is reportable to the SEC and Texas Ethics Commission as a contribution and would fall as support to a political party by the entity.

Worse yet the city by allowing this, whether paid or unpaid, set precedent and opened the door to possibly allowing rental of city hall for public and partisan use at will. Is this what we the citizens and taxpayers wanted?

Do we the taxpayers and citizens of Maverick County, more so those in the city, deserve to be embroiled in this form of legal and ethical issue? Is it truly worth it?


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