They imprison subject for stealing in Walmart

January 15, 2019


Eagle Pass, Tx.- A man was fully identified by Walmart shop's loss prevention staff as being the same man who stole goods valued at $ 1000, he was prosecuted by the police who arrested him after being involved in an accident while he was in state of intoxication.


Miguel Angel Garza, 23 years old, had been arrested by the authority but after being sent to the jail and taking personal account of the store, they asked to speak with the police to inform him about the robbery in which he was involved.


The spokesman Humberto Garza, reported that the charge facing this man, is theft of goods for more than 750 dollars and less than 2,500.


A judge who prosecuted him, imposed bail of 6 thousand dollars for driving in a state of intoxication and 4 thousand for the theft to the store and then send it to the county jail.

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