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Texas woman aimed gun at boyfriend for Snapchat photo — and pulled the trigger, cops say

January 16, 2019


Austin, Texas.- A Texas woman faces felony charges after posing for a Snapchat photo that ended with her boyfriend dead, according to police.


Autumn King, 20, picked up an assault rifle just after noon on Dec. 23 and pointed the weapon squarely at her 26-year-old boyfriend Eric Allen at their shared home in Austin, Texas, police said in a news release Monday.


Allen was holding King’s phone, ready to capture a picture of his girlfriend posing with the rifle for Snapchat — but then King inadvertently pulled the trigger, police said.


According to police, King told authorities she was “trying to be like Bonnie and Clyde” and that she “didn’t even pull it (the trigger), I just barely touched it,”.


Allen was dead by the time emergency responders got to the home, William Costello, a senior Austin police officer, said in a media briefing the day of the shooting.


The gunshot wound was the cause of death, and the county medical examiner’s office said the death was a homicide.

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